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Peter D. Gehres, CAI, CES is a first generation auctioneer and Realtor who sells real estate and personal property at auction for money in less time for individuals, companies, organizations, and institutions. Gehres also works with charities, nonprofits and other organizations to raise money through live auction events. He is the 2015 International Auctioneer Champion and Vice-Chair of the Educational Institute Trustees. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The Ohio State University, graduate of The Ohio Auction School and Honduras College. Past Auctioneer Champion of Michigan (2010), Indiana (2011) and Ohio (2015) and current Vice President of the Ohio Auctioneers Association.

How to Win: The Art & Science of Competitive Auctioneering

Winning an Auctioneer Championship is more than a new suit and a catchy filler word. This course will motivate auction professionals through practice, preparation, and perseverance to become future champions and ambassadors of the auction industry. Learn how to be a consistent contender and a more effective auctioneer.

Talking Fast: Public Speaking for the Auction Professional

Make the most out of every opportunity behind the mic. This course focuses on effective public speaking to advocate for the auction industry, promote the auction method of marketing, and educate fellow auctioneers and the public.

Bid Calling & The UCC 2-328

Licensed or unlicensed the UCC 2-328 is a fundamental underpinning of the sale of chattels and real estate at live or online auction. This course focuses on the UCC 2-328 and its applications. Customizable and appropriate for Real Estate Continuing education.

Don't Post That on Facebook!

Business and personal branding management and influencing opinion coupled with a conversation on balancing personal and professional life in the maturing space known as Social Media. Attendees will learn the social media interactions and habits of successful users, as well as topics and posts to avoid.

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